iSamurai: Critical Strike released on iTunes!

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What's new in this version?

This is a big upgrade. iSamurai is now a lot more like a real sword fight!

  • New CRITICAL STRIKE attack, which causes extreme damage!
  • Greatly Improved slash detection and matching block detection!
  • Updated two-player game to give tactical real life sword fights!
  • Close-to-death warnings!
  • Intro video and instructions!


"The game takes the capabilities of the iPhone and puts them to the test by allowing players to literally swing and block using their phone as the hilt of a sword."

"...the concept is great and really is fun to use with a friend."

"...this isn't just about sword sounds, this is about using a virtual sword to create a real combat game."

"iSamurai is a crazy two-player app that recreates real Samurai sword fighting without the flesh wounds or ritual disembowelment."

"Toy Kite software released their first iPhone game at the iPhone Launch Party last night. The game is called iSamurai [$0.99] and offers players the chance to finally swing their iPhones like swords."

"A unique iPhone game that can be surprisingly fun."

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"The game is truly fantastic, both the single player "story" and fighting another user. I have recommended it to all my friends and we now have competitions." - Isaac S. - Oct. 21, 2010

"iSamura really takes gaming to a whole new level! Coolest game I've played in a long time and worth all the money!" - Mikey:) - August 27, 2010

"I love this application! I really enjoyed The Art of War section with the quotes. I especially liked the way the iPhone makes the motions, it really gets you moving. Keep up the good work!" - Christie T. - July 1, 2010

"Lots of fun! After fiddling about with connections for a bit ... it now works FINE (good responsive feedback from the developers too!) ... activate JUST Bluetooth or JUST WiFi and deactivate the other (like most multi player apps). What an absolute HOOT! It's a reduced set of western sabre moves, dressed as kenjutsu, but that's ok ... it's the TIMING and interactivity that your indulging in here ... if only that lame lightsabre app had this functionality. This is everything the Wii promised but utterly FAILED to deliver. more ! more ! more ! PLEASE !!" - rbknan, Australia - Version 2.2 - 09 January 2010

"Nice!! This is the best application that I have!!!! I have 10 pages of applications." Ndlg

"I love this game!!! When I play it I feel like I'm holding a real katana." Jason L.

"iSamurai Developers, This is an awesome game. I played at the airport with a friend and drew quite a crowd. An old lady asked "is that the Wii for the iPhone?" J M

"iSamurai Developers, the game is just plainly awesome!" R.C.

"I deeply enjoyed this application since I have a deep love of kendo." A.S.

"This is the coolest game in the world:D i love it." Nikolaj N.

"Thank you very much for the perfect game!" David H.

"I just got this game and I am already addicted to the single player mode." C.F.

"iSamurai has got to be one of the best iPhone games yet-- you guys did an amazing job!" Patrick

"I was stage-swordfighting myself a few years ago (mainly fully armored medieval knight combat with longsword) and really enjoyed your app (and the new movie! :)). It's amazing how you used the iPhone's limited motion detection to create a fun swordplay experience. All thumbs up! Thanks again for this app!" A. O.

"What a great game. Never seen anything like it on any platform. I'm telling everyone. Can't wait for my first in-person duel. Bound to be the biggest game for blind people in history I'd imagine. ... Can't wait to see where you go from here. Awesome stuff." J.D.

Ready for a Real Life Sword Fight?

Peasant fighter

Preparing for Battle

Prepare for battle in the Dojo, for your skills will surely be tested. Study the wisdom of ancient warriors in preparation for what is to come.


Single-Player Combat

After you have trained, enter into single-player combat with four opponents (two in the lite version): Peasant, Apprentice, Warrior and Samurai.

Your opponents will call out attacks which you must block while also launching attacks of your own as learned in the Dojo.

Beware of the Samurai, for he has never been defeated in battle. Face him only when you are sure that you are ready. Understand that you must be very well versed in defence as well as offence.


Two-Player Sword Fight

When you are ready, seek out a worthy opponent with another iPhone and enter into two-player combat. Only one will survive. May the gods be with you.

victory picture


To watch a short movie on using iSamurai, click here or on Training in the menu above.

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Upcoming Versions

Our programmers are working away on new surprises—more news soon!