Ready for a Real Life Sword Fight?

"...this isn't just about sword sounds, this is about using a virtual sword to create a real combat game."

"iSamurai is a crazy two-player app that recreates real Samurai sword fighting without the flesh wounds or ritual disembowelment."

"Toy Kite software released their first iPhone game at the iPhone Launch Party last night. The game is called iSamurai [$0.99] and offers players the chance to finally swing their iPhones like swords."

"A unique iPhone game that can be surprisingly fun."

Touch Arcade

Peasant fighter

Preparing for Battle

Prepare for battle in the Dojo, for your skills will surely be tested. Study the wisdom of ancient warriors in preparation of what is to come.


Single-Player Combat

After you have trained, enter into single-player combat with four opponents (two in the lite version): Peasant, Apprentice, Warrior and Samurai.

Your opponents will call out attacks which you must block while also launching your own attacks as learned in the Dojo.

Beware of the Samurai, for he has never been defeated in battle. Face him only when you are sure that you are ready. Understand that you must be very well versed in defence as well as offence.


Two-Player Sword Fight

When you are ready, seek out a worthy opponent with another iPhone and enter into two-player combat. Only one will survive. May the gods be with you.


Upcoming Versions

iSamurai 2.0 will be a free upgrade using bluetooth communiciation between iPhones. This will allow players to compete anywhere without Wi-Fi.